Solutions that balance
solid research and
lived experience

what we do:


Vivayic offers solutions that strike a balance between solid research and lived experience. We offer learner-centered programs based on great ideas and solid fundamentals. Our goal is to drive through completion on time, on budget, and, most importantly, with a positive impact on the learner and on the organization’s stated objectives.

Consulting Services

Learning Strategies

Successful organizations need long-term plans and principles to drive learning and growth. We advise teams on what investments they need to make in order to accomplish their strategic goals by helping establish realistic milestones based on our experience with industry benchmarks to implement large-scale initiatives. Then, we help leaders work with their staff to support learning and development in pursuit of those strategic goals.

Program Evaluations

We bring outside perspective to help organizations evaluate their existing learning and development programs as well as curricula for effectiveness and efficiency. This perspective helps teams benchmark their efforts and outcomes. We provide recommendations for revisions and improvements to existing programs so that organizations can maximize resource investments and impacts.

Talent Management Services

Teams with strategic plans to manage and develop their talent are destined for success. We advise and evaluate organizations’ talent management practices by using competency modeling, aligning performance and professional development, reviewing leadership development efforts, onboarding of new hires, assisting in identifying and developing high-potentials, and upskilling staff for new roles.

Program Design

Program Innovation and Design

We bring innovative design to large-scale, highly-consequential learning programs. When the goal is to significantly impact performance of employees dispersed across multiple countries or to deliver a curriculum used by thousands of teachers, we help organizations think through the design, implementation, and evaluation elements to ensure an on-time, on-budget, and high-impact program.

Program Implementation and Support

Often, we see great programs go underutilized and fall short of intended impact as a result of missed implementation and support opportunities. We bring experience in working with a variety of technology platforms for delivery; localizing program materials; planning for effective use of internally-available platforms; promoting and communicating programs; planning for change in an organization; training and capacity building of teachers and frontline managers; planning for evaluation data collection and metrics reporting; and program execution. We can implement a project to completion; manage and support virtual, blended, and in-person programs and delivery platforms; and ensure your organization is prepared for success.

Professional Development for Learning Professionals

Organizations with learning and development professionals are frequently in need of high-quality and efficient development in learning experience design or learning development. We approach professional development as capacity building while we are working collaboratively on the design or revision of programs. In this way, learning professionals can learn by doing and receive in-the-moment coaching from one of our team meetings.

Experience Design

Digital Learning Experience Design and Development

As we design learning experiences for digital delivery, we use a learner-centered approach to both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) while maintaining a focus on proven learning design principles to inform the development of virtual learning events, e-learning, instructional videos, performance support tools, websites, apps, and emerging digital tools.

In-person Learning Experience Design and Development

As professional educators, designing in-person learning experiences is at the core of what we do. We help clients distinguish needs between trainings that require learning for information acquisition, learning for application, and learning for behavior and mindset change. We bring the right model to the right need and design experiences that lead to measurable results.

K-12, College, and Workforce

K-12 Education Program Design and Support

Organizations bringing high-quality resources and professional development experiences to educators and the children they teach often need nimble, innovative partners to capitalize on opportunities. We plan, design, and develop programs and experiences for K-12 educators and students using our collective background in formal and informal education. We have helped organizations develop full curricula, design and deliver professional development events, establish strategic plans for boards, conduct needs analyses, design and launch new engagement platforms, and facilitate partnerships with organizations with shared interests.

Career Education and Workforce Strategy

Preparing the next generation of high-skilled, in-demand workers is important work. We consult, assist in strategic planning, and help bring new programs to life for organizations and public agencies working in this space. We have helped clients develop statewide visions and strategic plans, create statewide assessment frameworks, conduct curriculum mapping exercises, evaluate current programs, and improve curriculum. We strive to help organizations with big, innovative ideas for large-scale change bring them to fruition.