Vivayic Values: Empathy

Vivayic Value: Empathy

The truth about learning is that it always happens in the context of time, place and people. At Vivayic, we know that accurately assessing the context – especially the perspective of the learner – leads to much more effective solutions … solutions that really impact people and organizations.

That’s why the Vivayic value of empathy is so important. We have to envision the learner’s environment, their learning state and their support system to know how we can help.

Showing empathy always starts with authentic and patient listening. Listening to the client. Listening to the intended learners. Listening to others with experience or useful perspective. This helps us understand not only what people need but why they need it.

Designing large-scale learning solutions is an immensely complicated process. We’re often trying to keep track of hundreds of small components while ensuring they all integrate into larger, integrated themes and experiences. We continually ask ourselves, “If I were the learner, what would I want and need to be successful?” It’s amazing how much that simple question can help you stay focused on great design.

After all, we’ve all been on the other side of the equation. We’ve all been the kid that just can’t seem to keep up in class, the employee suffering through another seemingly pointless training seminar, the frustrated consumer just trying to figure out how to use the cool new product. We feel like trying to rid the world of these experiences is a noble goal because ultimately we aren’t designing for ourselves – we’re designing solutions for other people. Empathy has to be at the core of our work.

That’s the cool thing about Vivayic and the work we do. We create individualized solutions based upon specific needs of our clients. Our solutions aren’t off-the-shelf productions. Each and every one of us really take the time to know our client and build something that is going to really work for them and solve their problem.

Fortunately, caring about getting it right for our clients and their learners is a non-negotiable requirement to be part of our team. We are driven to help organizations achieve results that matter, but because the work that we do is all about the development of people we have to do our work in a way that honors the individual and their experience.

Empathy is powerful. That value really helps us to make the best learning solutions available.