Performance Support Symposium 2014

In the learning solutions world, constant education is important for those designing curriculum, too.

Vivayic and its employees understand that and attend many conferences throughout the year. Vivayic team member Craig Rebich attended the Performance Support Symposium last month in Boston, MA. Here are his thoughts after the event.

Performance Support – Craig Rebich

My personal life motto is, “Do something everyday to make yourself better.” This motto carries over into my work as well.

As a Vivayic team, we read and continue to learn, but learning is both science and an art. At conferences like the Performance Support Symposium, we take science and blend it with art. We use these experiences to make ourselves better at the work we do.

In the learning solutions world, performance support is the creation and use of a system that allows individuals to get their job tasks complete within the workflow. This system focuses on workflow, rather than the workers. One of the most difficult aspects of using it is finding the appropriate balance between performance support and training.

This conference gave me the chance to explore performance support and the organizational strategies proven to reduce training time, as well as focus on the importance of content in the right context because that is where learning truly occurs.

 A big highlight for me was learning more about the five moments of learning need, which are the times in which a worker requires information in order to accomplish the task at hand, and how they are relevant to designing solutions. These five moments of learning need are the basis for the performance support system. It’s not so much a teaching technique as it is understanding how and when learning occurs so you can design a solution that accommodates these needs.

Looking back, my favorite part of the symposium was learning about initiatives in different industries and networking. I’m always amazed at the ideas generated when people with a good knowledge base about a specific topic have lunch together.

Armed with the knowledge gained at this conference, I think differently about the solutions we implement. I know that when designing a solution, we need to consider performance support as a way to both enhance human performance and to save organizations money.

I will now look at our client’s problems from a more holistic perspective. Vivayic’s goal is to be a partner with our clients and to help solve their problems. Essentially, the knowledge I gained at this conference will allow us to find even better solutions for our clients.