As if selling seeds, traits, herbicides and insecticides isn’t already a taxing technical effort for salespeople, what happens when the company acquires new fungicide products and wants to position them in a region quickly? Solution: rapidly deploy a really good knowledge asset to support the strategy.

An internal team was already working to meet the challenge of growing the technical expertise of field sales when the decision was made to take advantage of the fungicide market opportunity. This team of knowledge transfer experts had already been working with their key scientists on creating assets regarding foundational technical knowledge, but this challenge required speed and intensity. We knew that timing was critical; these products are sold seasonally and a knowledge asset that missed the window of usefulness would have little impact on performance. We also quickly understood that the level of technical detail could get overwhelming very quickly; we had to navigate the balance between deep knowledge and usefulness to support sales goals.

We brought together a plan that would leverage the existing internal learning management system (LMS) but use a lot more multi-media and user-driven design and interaction within the course to create a more engaging and high-fidelity learning experience. The key to our success was the ability to assemble a solution that synthesized the expertise of the bench and field scientists with sound educational design. We developed a rigorous, accurate and engaging asset that was detailed enough for sales representatives without being overwhelming.

In the end, the asset was delivered in time to prepare sales representatives in each region for that area’s upcoming growing season. Sales representatives and their managers provided feedback that the asset was “just what they needed.” Since that time, we have translated the course into at least four other languages for use in other regions around the globe. Proof that Vivayic can make a world of difference in translating your technical expertise into knowledge assets that have real value.