Learning is at the intersection of knowledge transfer, expertise and marketing. We live at that intersection.

At Vivayic, we help organizations achieve success through:

  • Learning Strategy and Analysis
  • Curriculum and Program Design
  • Elearning and Content Delivery

Our Mantra

Add Value.

It’s that simple. Our mantra on every project with every client is to find ways to add value beyond expectations. (elements to come)

Our Design Process

Vivayic Design Process

Listen. As we begin our relationship with clients we make it a point to listen first. Each organization we work with has a unique situation that deserves our full attention.
Innovate. We believe bringing the best solution to a client requires innovation. After listening to a client we create an innovative solution that truly meets the client’s stated needs.
Design. We recognize that each solution we design will have different opportunities and constraints. To respond, we design solutions using innovative models and research-based learning theories.
Align. As we bring a new solution back to the client, we recognize the need for that solution to “fit” within their unique system. To accommodate this, we connect with the client to align the solution and their system to ensure maximum success during implementation.
Deliver. Simply put – we deliver. Our team has an intense focus on producing deliverables that are better than promised. One of our hallmarks is producing products on time and above target.