Learning Solutions 2014

In the learning solutions world, constant education is important for those designing curriculum, too.

Vivayic and its employees understand that and attend many conferences throughout the year. Vivayic team member Jessica Travis attended the Learning Solutions conference, co-located with the Ecosystem conference earlier this year. Here’s her thoughts after the event.

Learning Solutions ConferenceJessica Travis

Wow – what an exhilarating educational experience!  At the Learning Solutions conference, we learned about all aspects of eLearning and what’s currently happening out in the eLearning world. From project management to mobile learning, from graphic design and eLearning games to the fundamentals of learning theory, this conference covers it all.

Not only does it have a variety of topics, but it also includes opportunities to see examples of high quality work from people in the field during a session called SolutionFest. This year was a special one because a Vivayic project was accepted for the event.

Solutions Fest

Doug, the client and I spent two hours talking to people about our project design. It was just super exciting to talk to people about what we do, especially when they were so positive about it. SolutionFest was awesome – not only because of our participation but also because it’s fun to check out the other projects and see what our peers are doing to generate new ideas.

Outside of SolutionFest, one of my favorite sessions was about writing better eLearning scripts. It provided practical information and a reminder to bring even the most complicated content down to a personal level so that the learner has the best possible experience. Whenever I can, I try to use a conversational tone in script writing for eLearning courses, and that session put that into perspective and reminded me of the different approaches that can be taken to achieve that style.

The best part about any type of conference is taking home the information and the energy gained at the event and applying it to my everyday work. Last year I focused on learning more about graphic design and how to use Storyline. This year I focused more on project management and expanding my knowledge of general eLearning design.

I absolutely love attending this conference. It is so refreshing and motivational to be at a meeting full of professionals who do what I do and understand what I do. The framework of the event makes it easy to exchange ideas, stay current on the latest trends in eLearning and on a personal level, to continue learning new tricks of the trade to improve myself as a learning solutions designer.

I believe that one of the most important things I can do is be a constant learner because anything new that I learn will help me continue to grow, and in turn, do great work for our clients. Just like bread – after a while, people can get stale, too. Conferences help you stay fresh!