Kansas City here we come – 2014 Summer Meeting

Bringing Power & Light to Our July Vivayic Team Meeting

In our virtual office setting, it’s important for our team to come together and connect, whether it’s professionally or personally. Through quarterly team meetings, we do just that.

Not only do these meetings help us see all the ways we are helping clients, but they also allow us to teach, as well as learn from, one another. Of course, we spend a lot of time sharing knowledge with each other during these meetings, but we also leave time for socializing and getting to know each other better.

July’s team meeting found us in Kansas City, Missouri, which was special because several of our team members (Doug, Emily, Miranda) grew up in Missouri and others have spent time there (Cara). Our team loved being able to share some fun facts about Missouri and the different connections members of the team have to the state, too. Who knew Chillicothe, Missouri, Miranda’s birthplace, was also the home of sliced bread?

We all know now.

Stationed in Hilton President hotel, we shared completed projects and lessons learned with each other. It’s a great way for us to all stay on the forefront of new technologies or learning methods and tools. We know we have a talented team, but it is energizing when we get to actually see what other teammates are doing and the awesome services we are providing our clients. We believe it’s important to always share our knowledge and learn from each other, and not just at these meetings.


Beyond that, we also talked about progress on our 2nd quarter goals and shared our upcoming 3rd quarter goals. To further our strategic efforts, we broke into account management teams and brainstormed strategies for not only the upcoming 4th quarter, but also into 2015.

The bulk of our meetings centered around a fun, happening area in Kansas City called the Power & Light District. Socially, we enjoyed dinner at a couple restaurants in the area, and as a team-building exercise, we took a private grilling class at the Culinary Center of Kansas City. With amazing chef teachers who guided our grilling, the whole team had a really fun time hanging out, cooking and enjoying a delicious meal.

We ended the meeting on a high note with our friends from Field of Hope. They shared pictures and stories from when they taught the curriculum we wrote for them as a part of our Vivayic Cares initiatives. We also discussed our future partnership with them. It was great to hear from Field of Hope and see the impact our curriculum had on their program and their work with the folks in Uganda.

These meetings always energize the team and get us motivated to create more innovative learning solutions. We connected with teammates, shared cool ideas and started to look at strategic plans for next year. We’re so excited for what 2015 has to offer and thankful for how incredibly blessed we are to work for Vivayic – a team that truly cares not only about each other, but also about our clients.