California Begins Here – 2014 Spring Meeting

2014 Spring Meeting, Sacramento, CA

At Vivayic, we are lucky that we have a team of rock star employees, no matter their location. While working virtually can be extremely productive, it can be isolating at times, which is why we gather the troops quarterly to share, learn and enjoy each other’s company.

Our latest team meeting brought us to sunny California at the beginning of March, which was a welcome change from the endless winter many of our team experienced this year.

We have employees all over the country, from California to Florida, so we try to choose a location close to one of our employees who serves as the host for the meeting. In 2013, we met in Orlando, Minneapolis and Lincoln. We were due for a West Coast visit, so we chose Sacramento as our location this spring, and our teammate Angela, who lives nearby, hosted the event.

Sac Cap

These team meetings serve a few purposes. We revisit our values, show and tell our best work and break down research related to learning design. We discuss our strategic goals and vision as a company, along with our progress towards those goals.

In addition to working on business and project planning, we focus on cultivating our social connection, which is done more easily and with more excitement, in person. We spend a lot of time getting to know each other and recreating the traditional office “water cooler” that we miss in our virtual environment. We do a team builder each morning and take turns designing games and activities that help us learn more about our teammates.

One of our team’s favorite parts is the opportunity to share work with each other in person. We often don’t get to see the final solutions from other client teams, so it’s nice to hear about solutions from each of the client teams and learn some new tricks and tips from each other. We are an innovative little group so it’s always fun to see what is fresh and find ways to implement great ideas across project teams.

Sac Mtg

Some of our most widespread tools and solutions have come out of one person sharing a good idea at a team meeting, which results in many team members discovering creative ways to use that tool to meet their own clients’ needs.

Not only do we share in a typical meeting environment, we also find time to eat really good, local food and take a field trip. In Minnesota, we ventured to the state fair, and in Sacramento, we toured a local brewery as a part of Sac Beer Week. Partaking in the local fare and getting out of a traditional meeting environment is a great way for us to learn more about each other and maintain our positive culture. We work so hard, it’s important for us to relax and have fun with each other when we’re together.

Sac Outside

We work virtually, but our culture is still what makes Vivayic, Vivayic. Getting together for some quality time is critical to nurturing that culture. We always come away thinking how talented our team is and how great our solutions really are for our clients.