Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to be an enduring “Small Giant” (see: https://smallgiants.org/our-story/) in the field of learning services & knowledge transfer.

We believe this happens when we consistently show up living our values and providing an experience that engages clients and genuinely impacts the organization and its people. Our guiding values:

  • Love what we do (Learning, Innovation, Commitment)
  • Do it really well (Excellence, Reliability, Flexibility)
  • Care about who we do it for (Dedication, Partnering, Concern)
  • Take care of our people and our communities (Family, Balance, Stewardship)
  • Live like we know we should (Respect, Integrity, Trustworthiness)

Our History

The name, Vivayic, comes from a Sanskrit word that loosely translates into “deep knowledge from experience” which speaks to a grounding belief we have about effective learning experiences. We launched Vivayic in 2006 to meet the needs of forward-looking organizations recognizing the need for more effective learning solutions. We have steadily built relationships with dozens of organizations completing hundreds of consulting, strategy and design projects related to learning, training and knowledge transfer. We’ve done more than just show up and complete the job – we’ve worked to add “beyond-scope” value to every project and client. Our team has grown and the tools of our trade have changed, but our focus on helping organizations find success through learning remains constant…and, will long into the future.