For Seth, there was little that felt small–town growing up 15 miles away from the nearest community on the family ranch in north-central Nebraska. As a boy, Seth’s entire world consisted of the family homestead with meadows, creeks and open prairie–the perfect playground in which to explore nature and develop one’s own imagination. It’s no wonder he produces BIG ideas on a regular basis. Seth loves feeling connected to the raw elements of nature all the while knowing that there are parts we can influence and improve–and some aspects that are out of our control.

Seth has spent his career focusing on important outcomes that lead to measurable success. As a teacher, he more than tripled enrollment in his program within three years. As an education specialist for the National FFA Organization, Seth completed the revision of nine national student programs in two years, and led the design and production of a comprehensive leadership skill curriculum adopted by over 2,000 career and technical teachers.Seth co–authored the book, “Strategies for Great Teaching” with Mark Reardon. The book, like Seth’s approach, is filled with practical strategies for getting better results.

The passion for results, learning and new ideas led Seth to help create Vivayic. Seth believes in leading by example. You’re just as likely to find him designing an elearning course as meeting with a prospective client. He believes deeply that Vivayic is only beginning to realize its potential and that there is a lifetime of great ideas and satisifying successes to pursue.

Seth, wife, Carrie and son, Rece live in Lincoln, Nebraska. Living amongst civilization hasn’t stolen an ounce of Seth’s appreciation for nature. Landscaping, fishing, occasional trip to the family ranch and running all give him ample opportunity to take in fresh air. Still passionate about agriculture and communities, Seth serves on the Nebraska FFA Foundation board and his church’s steering committee.