Scott S

In Japanese the term “sensei” can used to identify a teacher and someone of whom you honor. It is a fitting term for Scott Stump as he is, at heart, a teacher; and as a husband, father, education leader, and professional he has lived a life of honor. Long a mentor of Vivayic’s co-founders, Seth and Doug, Scott was persuaded to join the team in 2015 as the chief operating and people development officer. In addition to growing the capacity of Vivayic team members and improving our systems and processes, Scott also provides senior consulting for education-related projects.

Prior to joining the team, Scott served as Colorado’s Associate Provost for Career & Technical Education.  Scott grew up in rural north-central Indiana and received his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. He taught high school before taking on multiple roles during his decade-long career with the National FFA Organization. Upon moving to Colorado, Scott served as the State FFA Advisor and then the state’s Director of Agricultural Education prior to his role as leader for career and technical education programs for the state. His tenure was noted for a collaborative, thoughtful approach to system innovation and the engagement of key stakeholders, including business and industry leaders, to focus on new opportunities to serve students.

Scott lives on a ranch near Stoneham, Colorado, with his wife Denise. In their spare time, you can find them visiting their sons at Colorado State University, cheering on their daughter at her volleyball matches, attending school board meetings, volunteering at the county fair, or checking cattle. Scott aspires to take his children to tour Japan where Scott visited multiple times as part of his role at National FFA. That aspiration is fitting for someone considered a sensei by so many.