Having a bad day? Just talk to Miranda, and you’ll instantly feel better. She has an effervescent personality and the ability to see the good in every situation. Miranda’s co workers say that she is positive, dedicated and authentic. Miranda doesn’t pretend to be awesome, she just shows up as herself in every situation, and that leads to client and team success.

Miranda’s talent and expertise are a result of her degree in agricultural education from the University of Missouri and career in managing the training and professional development functions for an agency with a staff of more than 800. Although she officially joined Vivayic in a full-time capacity in 2013, she has been with the team since almost the beginning as a long-time contractor.

Miranda loves to learn and knew at a young age that she wanted to do something that would make a positive impact on others. Although she originally went to school to be a classroom teacher, she quickly realized that the part that most excited her was designing the learning experience, which is why working at Vivayic suits her perfectly. She can take a chunk of raw content and make it both meaningful and digestible.

She lives with her husband and young son, Riker, outside of St. Louis, on the edge of the city and the verge of the country. Being close to agriculture but still in the city makes Miranda happy as she feels it’s the best of both worlds. She is originally from a small agricultural town in rural North Missouri. In fact, if you need some tools, you might want to ask Miranda about it. Her family owns a lumberyard/hardware store.