Know the friend that can name any song on the radio? This is not Katie. However, show her a swatch of fabric, or vaguely describe one you’ve seen and, sure enough she can rattle off the designer, the line it comes from and its specific name.

As much as she knows about fabrics, she knows just as much about the people she works with and calls friends. A genuine master of relationship building, Katie spent time working as a physician recruiter and working for a non-profit, education foundation. Both doctors and donors appreciated that she got to know them and could match them with just the right position or cause. She brings those same qualities to Vivayic as a learning designer; she gets to know clients, their needs, their preferences and their quirks. This all adds up to quality learning solutions that match the client’s and the target learners’ needs.

Katie loves nothing more than spending time with daughter Alece—often spotted wearing the latest adorable dress by mom—and husband Andrew. Second to spending time with family, is a glass of wine and good conversation. Katie has a gift for rallying friends and family around a good cause. Be it a family in need or an organization doing great things, she can be counted on to gather support.