Audrey Denney

Not everyone would enjoy traveling to 31 states and 6 countries in a 12-month span. Audrey, however, loves adventure, travel, and isn’t scared to try new things. She’s hiked a Guatemalan volcano in flip flops (doesn’t recommend), taken a nap in an Egyptian pyramid and put her feet in the source of the Nile river.

Audrey is a synthesizer of information and is incredibly efficient. Combine that with her theoretical and practical knowledge of learning design and her background in education/training and agriculture; you wind up with a true asset. Audrey recently wrapped up her time with AgriCorps as Director of Recruitment and Marketing in May. Prior to AgriCorps, she was also a Lecturer and served as the Outreach and Retention Coordinator at the College of Agriculture for her alma mater, Chico State University, Chico. Audrey holds a BS and MS of Agriculture Education from Chico State University.

Audrey is a glass half-full kind of girl. Self-described as “easily entertained” Audrey is wired to find humor in just about any situation. Outside of work, you can find her rooting on the San Francisco Giants or backpacking northern California.

Audrey brings positivity, practicality in curriculum design, and a can-do attitude to Vivayic. Audrey has worked with our team since 2012 as an instructional design contractor and we are very excited she joined our team full-time in 2015.