Angela would tell you she has been in the field of education since early childhood when she would line her stuffed animals up for “class.” She has a knack for creating lesson plans and strategies that make education both relevant and efficient. Angela grew up in the high country of the Sierra Nevadas on her family’s ranch. There, she gained an appreciation for agriculture. She combined her passions for teaching and agriculture as a high school agriculture education teacher.

Angela hasn’t strayed from her passions. She now leads education outreach projects for Vivayic’s clients. She has a knack for designing meaningful learning experiences and strategies, has an unusual affinity for spreadsheets and heads up Vivayic’s internal committee on organization. Angela has an innate ability to take abstract ideas, put them into a timeline that includes practical steps (not just check boxes) to reach an end result. When Angela takes on a project, clients know they will get results on time and those results will align to the bigger picture.

Angela, her husband Josiah, daughter Reagan and son Elijah live closer to Sacramento than the family ranch, but take every opportunity to visit. Together with Reagan, Angela has become an expert blanket fort builder. Angela claims to do her best thinking while running, loves to camp and do anything outdoors with her family. As a teacher, Angela served as advisor for the school’s FFA program. She continues to mentor and coach students in FFA on a volunteer basis.