Knowledge is Our Name. Literally.

Our approach is rooted in our name. The name ‘Vivayic’ is based on an ancient Sanskrit word that roughly translates to “deep knowledge from rich experience.” We don’t provide cookie-cutter models, out-of-the-box training sessions or whiz-bang technology solutions with unsustainable shelf lives. We approach your business objectives with a thoughtful, customized and crafted design that allows for genuine knowledge transfer impacting your bottom line.

Our Niche. Your Need.

At Vivayic, we believe in our ability to add value to organizations through exceptional learning design and knowledge transfer assets. We launched this firm in 2006 recognizing that the fundamental changes in the economy—outsourcing of rote skills, accelerating technology and increasing competition—would require every organization to rely on the quality and preparation of their people to succeed. Our vision is to continue to partner with world-class organizations that share in the commitment to developing their people.

We Are That Into You.

Every person on our team is evaluated by the same initial indicator: Does this person demonstrate genuine care and concern for client success? This focus drives who we hire and how we do business. Vivayic is more than a place of employment; it’s the opportunity to prove that we can build an enterprise that has unwavering commitment to client and employee satisfaction. We care enough to quickly learn your company’s culture and assimilate our team to it. We have built a team whose members are as pleasant and ego-free as they are talented and productive.

We Love This Stuff. We Love Results More.

We’ve created a place where we can be as nerdy about learning design, user experience and learning technology as we want—because that’s what we love. We love to read about it, talk about it and learn about it. Our past careers gave us meaningful experience about what really works and what doesn’t. The only thing we love more? Using our experience to help you solve real, and really important, capital challenges.