Vivayic Cares

Giving back is all about seeing a need and doing everything within your power to meet it. Through Vivayic Cares, our giving program, we strive to do just that.

Although the program didn’t have a name until recently, we’ve been supporting organizations dear to our hearts since the very beginning. At first, we sponsored an award at both the Missouri and Nebraska State FFA Conventions. Doug and Seth both worked for the National FFA Organization, a non-profit, and saw the value of those programs firsthand in shaping young leaders.

They have carried over this mindset to our company. We branded it Vivayic Cares this summer because we felt it was something we want to continue to support and cultivate. Since we began the company in 2006, we’ve given more than $40,000 between our time and donations.

Vivayic Cares is a fitting name…because Vivayic does care. From caring about each team member, to caring about the work we do for clients, to caring about the causes we choose to support.


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It’s fun to see where the donations go, everywhere from the local YMCA, to food pantries, to scholarships. The diversity in the groups to which we contribute is incredible and fulfilling; our 12 employees gave to 11 organizations in 2013.

Vivayic Cares goes well beyond just financial support and the matching program. As a team, we spent the last few months donating our time and specialized skills to develop a production agriculture curriculum to support an organization called Field of Hope as they train people in Uganda to become self-sufficient and profitable through tractor ownership and farming. The Field of Hope project was the first project we worked on together for Vivayic Cares. This was something that just felt right, especially with our backgrounds.

To those who have been given much, much is expected. We’re blessed to work in a great company with great people. Vivayic exists to help others – whether in a corporate office or a third world country. We invest in each other’s lives every day, and because of our work, we are empowered to invest in others as well.

Vivayic Values: Excellence + Practicality

Intersection of Excellence and Practicality – great ideas that are feasible, leverage existing systems and practices, elegant solutions not just “whiz bang”, honor where people are and where they can go

As a learning solution company, we’ve seen solutions that look awesome but aren’t very practical. We’ve also seen solutions that are super practical but not that delightful to use. I’m sure you have, too.

That’s where our Vivayic Value – Excellence + Practicality – comes in. We strive to strike a balance between the two in all of our solutions – we want those solutions to be excellent AND practical, both for the client and for the learner.

We use the Venn Diagram to depict this value because it represents so much for us. We truly believe that creating innovative ideas to fuel a new solution is fantastic, but making sure they will work in the real world is as important. Our creations are more tangible than just ‘great ideas’ – they are products that actually get results and achieve objectives and goals.

It’s part of the reason we created Vivayic. We’ve experienced plenty of educational solutions that shot for the stars with wild, fun, innovative ideas, which were exciting but not always useful in the learning situations for which they were designed.

One might call it ‘whiz bang’ with a ‘filter of practicality.’ We build that filter by immersing ourselves in real-life educational situations. We spend a lot of time in the world where our clients and learners live. We go to corporate training rooms, non-profit meetings and classrooms regularly. We listen, and we understand our client’s goals and audience.

Learners are bombarded constantly with learning solutions that promise the ‘cool factor,’ but we think that solutions shouldn’t use the latest or fanciest technology if it’s not appropriate for the intended learning objectives.

For instance, when we’re designing a screen for an e-learning course or a video, we might think something looks really cool the way we’ve animated it, but when we look at it from the user’s point-of-view, we might notice that the animation could create confusion, so it’s revised. We want to make sure the learning activity we are designing is effective at informing or teaching something – not just entertaining.

Plus, this value keeps us grounded. It sets an expectation and ensures that we as an organization and individuals continually learn and seek new and innovative ideas to add value to our customers.

This value makes us who we are and sets us apart from our competitors. Our work is unique and personalized. It’s not the same off-the-shelf solution for every client. We take the time to really get to know the client so we are able to come up with awesome, individualized ideas, try them out and create an authentic, meaningful experience for the end user. We press for solutions that actually WORK with just the right amount of ‘whiz bang.’