Cooking Class


In February during our quarterly team meeting in Orlando, we took a break from work to steal away to a cooking class at  near downtown Orlando. Owned and operated by Marci Arthur, Truffles and Trifles offers group cooking classes and instruction. She was a phenomenal host, imparting sweet southern hospitality while nosily poking into our lives to get to know us better.

Marci made it happen. She set the tone for us to have fun while we cook and then eat great food…what could be better? I laughed about how she unabashedly pried into everyone’s personal lives. -Lora

As it was the day before Mardis Gras, our four-course meal was themed entirely around the festive holiday. We broke into teams and were directed to stand by a station. Each station contained the recipe and measured ingredients for the dish we would make, ranging from appetizers like Pecan encrusted Pork Crostinis with Fig Jam to entrees like Wedding Chicken and finally dessert.


We immediately went to work on preparing our dishes. Some were definitely more difficult than others, resulting in some humorous dialogue and the opportunity to learn through humor and trial and error.

We got to be the popular kids at cooking school! We made the Pecan encrusted Pork Crostinis with Fig Jam…AMAZING! I also learned, per Craig, that solid sugar in a heated pan will not liquify on its own. Gotta have some moisture. -Doug


As we cooked, we sipped wine and talked. It was a chance not only to catch up with one another “outside” of work, but get to know the other teams as well.

Our amazing meal culminated with a gorgeous array of desserts, including homemade beignets, chocolate pie, and a super-sized King Cake. I’d never had it before, so I opted for an especially big slice for myself.

My favorite part of the food was the desserts because they were delicious, there’s nothing better than hot, fried dough covered in powdered sugar. – Jessica


I had so much fun watching all of our dishes come together. Sautéing, roasting, caramelizing, braising, baking — sure, it was prescribed by the recipes Marci provided, but I believe each dish reflected our own creativity as well — not all that unlike the creativity we instill in our work. Only this time, we uncovered the nuances and secrets of each recipe to achieve the best result.


Aftonklänningar innare Taylor Swift, vinna priset för att få mjuka, röda mattan klänning också bry sina hjärnor, och goda väninnor skär vete spela mycket hög! Fortfarande driven modellering debut se hur de väljer frack.

Introducing a new Vivayic…Kind of

Sometimes it takes perspective to see how far you’ve actually come. We have a lot of runners on our team and last year I finally joined their ranks. I finished my first half-marathon in October and at the end (when I could actually breathe again) I looked back at the course and took pride in my accomplishment. Others have gone further and faster, but many have never done it at all.

Looking back on the six years since we started Vivayic, I have a similar reflection. Others have built bigger companies faster, but many more never leave the starting line or don’t finish the race. I’m very proud of our team, the work we’ve done for clients and how we’ve lived our values throughout. And I’m excited about the fact that it feels like we’re just starting to hit our stride.

Our team has nearly doubled in size over the past two years. As we’ve grown, it has caused us to take time to evaluate ourselves—where we’ve been, where we are and where we want to go. I’m excited that it has resulted in a more clear set of values, vision and purpose. If you haven’t seen the results, take a minute to check out this page on our site. In addition, we set five key goals for ourselves—each intended to drive us toward our vision. One of these is to share our collective insights and experiences about designing learning solutions with our clients and the greater community.

Our goal is to be the trusted curator of choice for learning professionals. Our team already scans hundreds of articles and ideas on issues related to learning, talent development, user-centered design and organizational effectiveness. We have a good sense of what’s useful, novel and credible. We’ll share these through blog posts and our Twitter feed. In addition, we will start sharing tools and resources that we use internally and have found to be especially useful in our work.

Why go to the effort to curate and share our expertise? Two reasons:

  1. We have a deeply held belief that when people and organizations have a better understanding of learning and talent development that it makes organizations more successful, people more fulfilled and everyone a little better off. This is about making our “dent in the universe.”
  2. We have a generational perspective on our work at Vivayic; this isn’t about a two year marketing plan. This is about creating a knowledge base and a culture of pushing ourselves to be as smart and useful as we can to those we serve so that we can add value to our clients for years to come. We subscribe to the adage “a rising tide lifts all boats” and we’ll all be well served when there is a collective understanding about how to develop people in ways that help organizations better serve their mission.

So, with that, I invite you to follow our curation efforts on Twitter at @Vivayic and to subscribe to an RSS feed of our blog. I would love your feedback—what works, what doesn’t, what would be more useful for you. We intend to start with three threads:

  1. Talent Development.
  2. Science and Practice of Learning.
  3. Learning Design and Tools.

We’ll also share occasional updates about our team and what’s going on at Vivayic.

Thanks. We hope you find value in these efforts and we look forward to what’s to come in the next six years.